FCS Versus FBS: Conference Records

Since the Division I split into I-A and I-AA (now called FBS and FCS), there have been 3,099 games played between FBS and FCS teams through the 2020-21 season. During that time, a few conferences have come and gone at both the FBS and FCS levels.

Below is a list of all the records for each conference since 1978 through the 2020-21 season. The records below are based on this spreadsheet that we cultivated from historical records. A list of all FCS over FBS victories can be found here.

Keep in mind this is a snapshot of each conference at the time the game took place. For example, Memphis spent several seasons as an FBS independent but has changed conferences twice since 1995. Memphis’ records are included in FBS independents from 1978 through 1995, Conference USA from 1996 through 2012, and the American Conference since 2013.

The below tables are current through games as of March 7, 2021 and separates the how FBS conferences have performed and FCS conferences have performed.

* Denotes that a conference has either disbanded or no longer sponsors football

** The WAC is in the process of re-sponsoring football and will begin as an FCS conference in the fall of 2021. The WAC had been an FBS conference until 2012 and its records reflected in the FBS table and future results as an FCS conference will be shown in the FCS table.

FBS Conference Records

ConferenceWinsLossesTiesWin %
American Athletic668089%
Big 101258094%
Big 12 (Includes Big 8 Seasons)19220091%
Big East*915095%
Big West (Includes Pacific Coast Seasons)*11261065%
FBS Independents461129977%
Ivy League (FBS from 1978 - 1981)1420140%
Missouri Valley (FBS)*3915072%
Mountain West13214090%
Pac-12 (Includes Pac-10 Seasons)12810093%
Southern Conference (FBS from 1978-1981)2610268%
Southland Conference (FBS from 1978-1981)178068%
Sun Belt9928078%
WAC (FBS until 2012)*12710093%

FCS Conference Records

ConferenceWinsLossesTiesWin %
American West*12033%
Atlantic 10 (Includes Yankee Conference Seasons)*38109226%
Big Sky75376017%
Big South610605%
Colonial Athletic18130012%
FCS Independents87245626%
Great West*933021%
Gulf Star*32060%
Ivy League (FCS since 1982)324011%
Missouri Valley (FCS)*1544025%
MVFC (Includes Gateway Conference Seasons)49262016%
Northeast Conference01900%
Ohio Valley42271313%
Patriot League (Includes Colonial League Seasons)963013%
Pioneer Football League0500%
Southern Conference (FCS since 1982)3533229%
Southland Conference (FCS since 1982)62324316%
WAC (FCS since 2021)**0000%

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