FCS Playoffs: Conference Records

Throughout the FCS’ long history, numerous conferences have existed and played in the playoffs. Below is a visualization that shows each conference’s performance for every season. Included in the visual is the conference’s total number of playoff games for that year broken down by how many teams advanced to each round. Clicking or hovering on a bar will show the number of playoff games a conference played in a season, the conference’s record, and which teams advanced to each round in the playoffs. The visualization has been limited to only the seasons a conference has been in the FCS (i.e. the Southern Conference joined the FCS in 1982 and does not include the 1978 through 1981 seasons). In addition, conferences that have not played a playoff game are still included.

The second table condenses all that information to provide a total record for each conference from 1978 through 2023. The total number of games, total wins, total losses, road wins, road losses, home wins, home losses, national championship wins, and national championship losses are provided. The table can be sorted by any of the columns present and there is a search function to the left above the table.