NCAA Approves New FBS Requirements

The NCAA has approved new requirements for FBS programs that will have a direct impact on current FCS schools looking to move up.

The NCAA has increased the FBS application from $5,000 to $5 million, effective immediately. The NCAA also eliminated the attendance requirements for FBS schools effective immediately, which is a pyrrhic victory for any potential FBS hopefuls. Finally, the NCAA mandated that all FBS schools provide at least $6 million annually in scholarships with a minimum of 210 scholarships, which is an increase from $4 million and 200 scholarships. The latter change is effective beginning with the 2027 season.

There is no surprise regarding these changes considering the NCAA made an initial announcement of potential changes in June. That announcement all but guaranteed they’d implement the rules in short order with no discernable differences. While most FCS teams weren’t considering a move to the FBS soon (or ever), this may cause potential FBS jumpers to think twice.

As stated in our article on the proposals from June 2023, the biggest impact is from the scholarships. Scholarship costs are now $2 million higher than before and that will be the case for as long as a school remains in the FBS. We’ll see how much of an impact the higher fees and scholarships have on the FCS membership going forward.

Photo Credit to North Dakota State University Athletics

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