Future FCS Versus FBS Games (2024 Through 2034)

After publishing a list of historical FCS versus FBS matchups, it’s time to provide a list of future FCS versus FBS matchups. The table below contains basic information on future FCS-FBS matchups including the year, day (if known), date (if known), road team (FCS), home team (FBS), and FCS conference membership as of the 2024 season. Please note that all games are subject to change and some teams like Delaware and Kennesaw State are highly likely to change with their respective moves to the FBS.

We’ll start with a chart showing the number of FCS-FBS games currently scheduled in the future. If you wish to see a graphic that breaks down the scheduled games by conference and year, we’ve provided a short link here. Below this chart is the searchable table. The table has been limited to only 50 rows to prevent long loading times and it’s highly recommended that the search function located on the left side above the table is utilized. With over 400 rows, a specific FCS or FBS team can be searched for along with any year or FCS conference to help narrow the results.

The table will be updated frequently as more matchups are announced or dates are changed. Additional context can be found in the various scheduling posts, which detail the changes to the future FCS-FBS games. The tables and charts below have been updated as of Friday, June 21, 2024.

Photo Credit to Youngstown State University Athletics

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