2023 FCS Versus FBS Matchups in Review: FCS Conference Comparison

Welcome to part two of the 2023 FCS Versus FBS Matchups in review. While the first part looked at all 118 games broken down by each statistical category, this review will look at each FCS conference using the same categories. The review only includes conferences that had at least one FCS-FBS matchup in 2023. The … Read more

2023 FCS Versus FBS Matchups in Review

The 2023 FCS season has finished so let’s take a look back at how the FCS teams performed against the FBS across all 118 matchups in 2023. The FCS finished the season with 4 victories against the FBS teams, which is the lowest amount since 2019 when the FCS won only 3 matchups. There will … Read more

Over Half a Dozen FCS-FBS Games Scheduled or Revised

It was a busy week with several FCS conferences announcing their 2024 conference schedule. As a result, many schools released the entirety of their 2024 schedules including date changes and previously unknown FCS-FBS matchups. Below is a run-down of those changes with a table at the end of the article summarizing the changes. Delaware and … Read more

Future FCS Versus FBS Games (2024 Through 2034)

After publishing a list of historical FCS versus FBS matchups, it’s time to provide a list of future FCS versus FBS matchups. The table below contains basic information on future FCS-FBS matchups including the year, day (if known), date (if known), road team (FCS), home team (FBS), and FCS conference membership as of the 2024 … Read more

2022 FCS Versus FBS Matchups in Review

With the 2022 FCS season coming to a close with the National Championship in a few weeks, let’s take a look back at how FCS teams performed against the FBS. There were 120 FCS versus FBS matchups in 2022, which set a record for most in a single season. For the FCS, it was a … Read more

10 FCS Versus FBS Games We Are Looking Forward to Watching for the 2021 Season

The 2021 season has plenty of opportunities to watch our beloved FCS teams square off against FBS foes. In fact, there are 117 such games scheduled for the upcoming season. We’re excited to see these games back on the docket so let’s take a look at 10 of the FCS versus FBS games that we … Read more

Additional FBS Versus FCS Games Possible for 2020 Season but Long-Term Uncertainties Remain

It has been a rough week for college football fans. Numerous conferences at the Division I. Division II, and Division III levels have canceled or suspended fall sports. Some conferences have or will move to a conference only football schedule. At the FCS level alone, 118 games have been impacted by the ongoing epidemic. But … Read more