Incarnate Word Announces Plethora of Future Opponents

The Incarnate Word Cardinals announced 21 games versus 13 non-conference teams through the 2027 season.

The Cardinals scheduled home-and-home series against Northern Colorado, Prairie View A&M, Samford, Southern Illinois, and Southern Utah. They also scheduled a four game series against Northern Arizona from 2024 through 2027.

The single-game series announced were against Baylor (2020), Presbyterian (2020), Nevada (2022), Robert Morris (2023), Texas State (2021), UTEP (2023), and Youngstown State (2021). Each season is detailed below.


@ Baylor (September 19)

vs. Presbyterian (October 10)

Both games are the first meetings between the two teams. Note that in 2020, the Southland Conference is playing a 9-game conference schedule allowing for only two non-conference opponents.


@ Youngstown State (September 2)

vs. Prairie View A&M (September 11)

@ Texas State (September 18)

The Southland Conference begins an 8-game conference schedule in 2021. The matchup against Youngstown State will be the first meeting. The game at Texas State will be the second matchup for the two schools.


vs. Southern Illinois (September 3)

@ Nevada (September 10)

@ Prairie View A&M (September 17)

The 2022 games against Southern Illinois and Nevada will be the first meeting between the schools. The game against Prairie View will be the second meeting between IUW and PVAMU.


@ UTEP (September 2)

@ Northern Colorado (September 9)

vs. Robert Morris (September 16)

The game at UTEP will be the second meeting between the schools. The matchups against Northern Colorado and Robert Morris will be the first between the schools.


vs. Northern Colorado (August 31)

@ Southern Illinois (September 14)

vs. Northern Arizona (September 21)

The 2024 game against Northern Arizona is the first of a four game series and is the first meeting between IWU and UNA.


@ Samford (August 30)

vs. Southern Utah (September 6)

@ Northern Arizona (September 20)

The contest versus Samford and Southern Utah will be the first meeting between the schools.


vs. Samford (September 5)

@ Northern Arizona (September 12)


@ Southern Utah

vs. Northern Arizona

Photo courtesy of Incarnate Word Athletics.

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