Missouri Valley Football Conference Moves Schedule to Spring 2021

The Missouri Valley Football Conference has decided against a fall football season as the conference will move its conference slate to the spring of 2021.

The MVFC will attempt an 8 game conference schedule in the spring and hope that the FCS Championship will be moved to the spring as well. The non-conference games are not part of the move to spring with each institution ultimately deciding on if those games will be played this fall.

Eight teams – Illinois State, Indiana State, North Dakota, North Dakota State, Northern Iowa, South Dakota State, Southern Illinois, and Youngstown State – have already decided they will not play any games this fall. Southern Illinois had a game against Tennessee Martin scheduled for Thursday, September 3 but the two schools agreed to move the game to 2025.

Missouri State has committed to playing three non-conference games against Oklahoma on September 12 and then a home-and-home series against Central Arkansas. Central Arkansas will be the host on September 26 while Missouri State will be the host three weeks later on October 17.

Earlier on Friday both the Big Sky Conference and the Pioneer Football League announced they were scrapping its non-conference slate for fall 2020. The Big Sky officially moved its season to the spring while the PFL left open that possibility.

Below are the 66 additional games involving MVFC teams with the 22 non-conference games marked with an asterisk. 44 conference games originally scheduled for the fall are now postponed to the spring of 2021. Note, these do not include previously canceled or postponed contests.

8/29*Southern IllinoisKansas
8/29*Missouri StateOklahoma
9/3*Indiana StateEastern Illinois
9/3*Southern IllinoisTennessee Martin
9/3*North AlabamaWestern Illinois
9/5*South DakotaIowa State
9/12*MontanaMissouri State
9/12*South DakotaNorthern Arizona
9/12*Eastern IllinoisIllinois State
9/12*Indiana StateMiddle Tennessee
9/12*North DakotaKansas State
9/12*Northern IowaIdaho State
9/12*Western IllinoisEastern Washington
9/19*Eastern KentuckyYoungstown State
9/19*Southeast Missouri StateSouthern Illinois
9/19Missouri StateSouth Dakota
9/19*Weber StateNorthern Iowa
9/19*Western IllinoisOklahoma State
9/26North DakotaYoungstown State
9/26North Dakota StateNorthern Iowa
9/26Indiana StateSouth Dakota State
9/26South DakotaIllinois State
10/3South Dakota StateNorth Dakota
10/3Youngstown StateMissouri State
10/3Northern IowaSouthern Illinois
10/3Illinois StateNorth Dakota State
10/3Western IllinoisSouth Dakota
10/10Missouri StateNorth Dakota
10/10Northern IowaWestern Illinois
10/10North Dakota StateIndiana State
10/10South DakotaSouth Dakota State
10/10Southern IllinoisIllinois State
10/17Indiana StateYoungstown State
10/17Southern IllinoisMissouri State
10/17*Dixie StateSouth Dakota
10/17Illinois StateNorthern Iowa
10/17North DakotaWestern Illinois
10/17South Dakota StateNorth Dakota State
10/24Missouri StateIndiana State
10/24*North DakotaPortland State
10/24Northern IowaSouth Dakota
10/24South Dakota StateSouthern Illinois
10/24Western IllinoisIllinois State
10/24Youngstown StateNorth Dakota State
10/31South DakotaNorth Dakota
10/31Southern IllinoisYoungstown State
10/31North Dakota StateMissouri State
10/31Illinois StateIndiana State
10/31Western IllinoisSouth Dakota State
11/7Indiana StateSouthern Illinois
11/7*Missouri StateTarleton State
11/7North DakotaIllinois State
11/7South Dakota StateNorthern Iowa
11/7Youngstown StateWestern Illinois
11/14Northern IowaYoungstown State
11/14Illinois StateMissouri State
11/14*Tarleton StateSouth Dakota State
11/14Western IllinoisSouthern Illinois
11/14North DakotaNorth Dakota State
11/14South DakotaIndiana State
11/21Southern IllinoisNorth Dakota
11/21*Dixie StateIllinois State
11/21Indiana StateWestern Illinois
11/21Missouri StateNorthern Iowa
11/21North Dakota StateSouth Dakota
11/21Youngstown StateSouth Dakota State
Photo courtesy of North Dakota State University Athletics.

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