Students Say No to Football at New Orleans

The most important vote in the United States this week happened at the University of New Orleans on Wednesday. The students held a vote that would have allowed the University to add a football program at the cost of an additional $400 per semester for each full-time student.

The students soundly rejected the Student Experience Fee with a final tally of 69% against and 31% for the fee. 2,071 students voted, which is approximately 30% of the entire student population.

The proposal would have added women’s soccer, women’s golf, and a marching band in addition to the football program. Had the fee been approved and all the other steps were also approved, the Privateers’ football program would have joined the resurgent Southland Conference. UNO would have become the 9th football program leaving Texas A&M-Corpus Christi as the lone Southland member without one.

Alas, UNO will not be adding football in the immediate future barring a shocking change in course from the administration. The Southland Conference remains at 8 football members.

Photo courtesy of the University of New Orleans Athletics

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